Algo/Systematic Trading


Algo trading or technical trading requires to be developed in a systematic way, so that it ensures predefined performance and risk. It enables confidence in trading and helps money management.
This course is extensive coverage of systematic trading which is advance way of trading used by institutes and funds. It is latest way adopted by international traders. This course is of 5 months. All sessions are on weekends.

what will you learn


If the trading decision is totally automated, and if before entering a single trade a trader knows what the expected return he will be making and what is the max risk, he/ she can trade without losing emotional or monetary capital beyond expectation. The performance can be more consistent. This is what we teach in our course Algo/ Systematic Trading Course.

In this chapter, you will learn how to start with different trading methods and market types.

In this module we will take a deep dive into Brief introduction to different technical analysis tools. Project on Technical analysis.

This module provides  to different quantitative analysis. Project on Quantitative analysis.

In this tutorial, you will learn how and when to develop and finalize trading goals.

You will get introduced to first step of Systematic trading is the conceptualization.

In this tutorial, you will focus on introduction and features of Amibroker and AFL Coding. Project on Amibroker.

This module will give you  Introduction and practical projects on data analysis.

This we will teach you technical tools usage and implementation. .

In this, we will teach you the back bone of Algo/ Systematic trading is back testing, here we teach how to do and how to overcome the loop holes of back testing.

In this, we will teach you important tools to use and methods to be adopted to optimize the system and overcoming the loop holes.

Module will teach you how to use walk forward as walk forward is an advance tool used to evaluate the system and its performance, at primary level.

System is stress tested on different modules.

In this we teach Money management and transaction costs control, benefit the systems performance in long run. Do While Loop.

Testing of system is an important part of the systematic trading, it enables any defects of the systems to be rectified.

Report generation and its impacts on the systems performance.

Systems needs to be fine tuned with the market, here we teach how and when to do it.

Evaluating the final performance of the system and its scalability.

There are different ways of implementation, depending the systems performance. Finally implementation of the system, what tools to be used, and when to be used.

As we approach the finalization of system, every student is given a project and the faculty evaluates and discusses the students system on one to one basis.

Finally an online test is taken, and on passing of which student gets a certificate.

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We are with you always,and issue the certificate only after you are a profitable algo-trader.


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This course will extensively cover in-depth concepts of Algo/systematic training. It is a weekend course extending up to five months. In Stat Institute,we focus on flexible learning environments and address each elements of the learning and also how we use time more conveniently throughout the day. This is a Online (For out station Students) and offline Live Classroom Course. Online students can also ask their questions in live classroom and clear their doubts like offline students attending in classroom.

algo/systematic training

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Algo/Systematic Trading

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