Advance Technical Analysis


Once you have basics of technical analysis, you would like to take thing further and be professional trader or analyst. While basic prepares a trader to look at market in different way, Advance technical allows a trader to see the markets next move.

Course Description

Advance technical analysis course teaches to see things that are not in black and white but has high probability of happening. Like reading between the lines, here we teach reading the chart between the signals. These are advance tools, which can indicate the trend change long before it happens.

What will you learn


It covers risk and capital management, as well as selection of script. This course is of 10 weeks with 1 session per week. All sessions are on weekends.

In this chapter, you will learn how to get started with the first step of analyzing the market.

We will take a deep dive into what is a Patterns  and how patterns are formed and repeated, if proper tools are used one can benefit from patterns as it is formed.

Reversal patterns provides support for Patterns and how patterns are in reverse as well, when properly recognized, it benefits.

You will learn Diversions, is an advance way of predictive analysis. It is used by professional traders for predicting the market.

Here, we will learn what are strategies as this is one of the most important part of the course. Strategies and its implementations.

There is a saying, if you are at right time, at right place, with right preparation, nobody stop you! Technical analysis helps in selecting right script to invest, here we learn to select the right scripts to trade

How to Preserve capital and controlling the risks, is the most important skill of any trader. We teach in depth ways to control risks and preserve capital.

how to use module as this is a ready module to trade with, which has high probability of profitable trading will be taught here.

In here we will talk how to use module as this is a ready module to trade with, which has high probability of profitable trading.

This module talks about you how to plot Technical analysis and its methods are changing from time to times. We give the glimpse of the modern way of tradingCCI in python.


Easy & Simplefied Learning

The offered course is in simple language and explain from the basics.

Move out as Financial Marketer

This course can help students in making a career in the financial market

Put some weight on your CV

A certificate will be issued on completion of the course.

What set us apart?

data science

Optimized course content

We have removed the extra clutter and simplified course content for the non programmers.

data science

We walk along

We are with you always,and issue the certificate only after you are a profitable Trader.

Convinent Learning Schedule

This course will extensively cover in-depth concepts of Advance technical analysis. This course will cover many avenues of the same. It is a weekend course extending up to three months.In Stat Institute,we focus on flexible learning environments and address each elements of the learning and also how we use time more conveniently throughout the day.

algo/systematic training

Convenient Online sessions(Live classroom)

Deep Learning Online

Offline classroom sessions

Who can take this course


Data Analysts

Working Professionals


Employees Working in any Industry

Businessmen/ Businesswomen

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Difficulty: Moderate

Course Instructor

Statinsti Statinsti Author

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